Professional Network

Professional Network

At Encore Fence, we believe that the heart of every successful business lies in its dedication to outstanding customer service. We are committed to connecting you with like-minded businesses that not only understand this philosophy but live it every day.

This Professional Network serves as a dynamic hub where businesses that prioritize customer satisfaction come together. Whether you’re a startup looking to learn from the best in customer care or an established enterprise seeking to collaborate with peers who share your values, you’ve come to the right place.

Quality Connections

Each of these businesses have been meticulously vetted by Clever Fox Online, ensuring they uphold the highest standards in customer service.

Collaborative Growth

Engage in meaningful interactions, share best practices, and grow together in a community that values customer-first approaches.

Innovative Solutions

Discover businesses offering cutting-edge tools and services designed to enhance customer experiences.

Networking Opportunities

Connect, collaborate, and build lasting relationships with leaders in customer service excellence.

Browse our Professional Network, where a commitment to exceptional customer service is echoed in every connection you make. Together, let’s redefine the standards of customer care in the business world!

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Hidden Posts

PostMaster+ is the only steel fence post on the market designed to be hidden from view.

Both sides of your fence will showcase beautiful cedar posts while the steel on the inside creates a durable, long-lasting fence.

High Security Fencing

Maintaining a secure perimeter is your first line of defense against potential threats. A metal fence from Encore Fence Company serves as a visual deterrent backed with heavy metal components that give a higher level of protection compared to traditional alternatives.

Stronger Posts

We understand that your fence is only as strong as your posts. This is why we take great care to use the strongest posts, free of defect. We not only offer heavy-duty wood posts but also offer metal posts and PostMaster+ post options for an even stronger post.

All high-quality posts are built to ensure that your fence stands strong for years to come.

Better Fence Pickets

Encore Fence builds with only the best fence pickets. These are not the typical fence pickets anyone can buy from the local big-box stores. Encore Fence has partnered with suppliers to provide the highest quality wood fencing materials.

Premium Rails

Much like our fence pickets, Encore Fence Company takes care to only build with rails with minor defects. Taking the time to use premium fence materials helps ensure your family can enjoy the security and privacy of your new fence for years to come.

Decorative Details

At Encore Fence Company, we believe it’s important to go the extra mile in every detail of your fence project.

Customize your fence project by asking about our add-ons we offer: decorative post caps, trim, and custom railings.

Nice Finishing Caps

At Encore Fence Company, we pride ourselves on putting in the little details that make your fence unique to you. Ask your representative about adding premium finishing caps to your Chain Link fence project.

Premium Chain Link Mesh

Our chain link mesh offers a high level of security for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Manufactured with you in mind to provide you with security and beauty at the same time.

Top Quality Rails

At Encore Fence, we believe it’s important to go the extra mile to ensure your investment is built to last.

Adding a top rail to your chain link fence project creates an extra level of durability and security.

Stronger Posts & Hardware

A benefit of choosing Encore Fence to install your chain link fence is that we use only the most durable posts and hardware.

Chain-link fences are known for being the last fences standing during hurricanes, tornados, and other severe weather events.

Seamless Design

Our metal fence panels are fabricated through a welding technique that combines laser and fusion technology to create a virtually invisible structural connection at every picket to rail intersection. 

Encore Fence’s expertly crafted construction is unmatched in strength and durability.

Coated Galvanized Steel

All of Encore Fence Company’s metal fences are coated inside and out. Our galvanized metal framework is subjected to a multi-stage pre-treatment/wash, followed by a duplex cathodic electrocoat system consisting of an epoxy primer, which significantly increases corrosion protection, and an acrylic topcoat, which provides the protection necessary to withstand adverse weathering effects.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Encore Fence Company’s metal fences have a Limited Lifetime Warranty that protects against cracking, peeling, chipping, blistering and corrosion resulting in structural failure, without cause and workmanship and material defects through the manufacturer.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

You can feel confident in your investment as it comes with a Lifetime Limited warranty.

No other wood fence post even comes close to the performance and longevity of this innovative fencing system.

Eco-Friendly Fencing

Trex eco-friendly composite fencing is made from an innovative blend of 96% recycled wood and plastic—that’s almost the whole thing. Trex fencing led the way green fencing more than 20 years, well before green was a buzzword. Because in the end, all of us want to look out on our fences and know that we’ve done our part. As one of the largest plastic recyclers in the U.S., Trex saves 400 million pounds of plastic and wood from landfills each year.


Trex fencing can be cleaned easily with a regular garden hose . If you get a little mildew from moisture or shady conditions, you can use a mild dish soap and then spray off the fence with a garden hose. Trex fences are very easy to clean and typically only require it semi-annually,  making them a great option for low-maintenance fencing.

Good Neighbor Fence

Unlike most fence types that have a “good side” and a “bad side,” with your Trex fence, you will get the same beautiful finish on either side. No unsightly picket defects or exposed support railings. A Trex fence is beautiful no matter what side of the fence you are on. 

25 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

The power of the outdoors has met its match. Trex is engineered to endure decades of foul weather and foot traffic…with the warranty coverage to prove it. 

With our 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty, you can rest assured that your backyard investment is well protected.

Versatile Infill Options

Want to create a super durable fence that’s as unique as you? With a FenceTrac system you can pair their patented, durable U-channels with the infill that best fits your style. FenceTrac is designed to be used with nearly any type of rigid infill, so you can create the exact look you want.

Durable Metal Frame

FenceTrac comes in with a durable textured matte black powder coat finish consisting of a multi-stage process of industrial, weather-resistant finish. The sturdy metal frame creates a stronger, longer-lasting fence. FenceTrac’s metal frame is also compatible for fencing sloped grades with precision. 

Stronger Trac Channels

FenceTrac U-channels are manufactured from 18-ga. roll-formed galvanized steel for superior strength and durability. This system is built to be long-lasting and customizable to match any yard.

Modern, Sleek Design

FenceTrac’s revolutionary, innovative fence system features one of the most modern, sleek designs on the market. Not only are these fences long-lasting, but they are also highly customizable as well as fashionable.

Never Shrink, Warp, or Rot

PostMaster+ fences are designed for more than just presenting a seamless fence, it is an investment in peace of mind.

PostMaster+ is designed to not shrink, warp or rot like wood posts.

Withstands Up to 112 MpH Winds

Your PostMaster+ fence system can be configured to withstand up to 112 MpH winds.

Steel posts protect your investment from damaging wind while cedar offers protection from bugs, rot, and warping.